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Coming 2021: Good Things Emotional Healing Journal for Couples is designed for couples at any stage in their relationship, dating, living together, or married. It is loaded with strategies that will help you build healthy communication, trust, respect, love and commitment so you can have the best relationship with the one you love!

Have you done or said things in the past that made your partner doubt their commitment to the relationship? What does your partner do or say that makes you feel like a priority? are a few of the questions you will find throughout the 19 chapters. This workbook covers topics such as trust, friendship, communication, autonomy and other core pillars for a successful long-term relationship.

Prompted questions and lined pages will help you discover more about you and your partners strengths and weaknesses and empower you to build a better relationship together.

Elisabeth Davies, MC is a counselor and author. She holds a master’e degree in counseling and has over 27 years of experience helping couples build healthy, fulfilling relationships. She is in a loving relationship with her husband Stacy for over 30 years.

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