Counseling Services Counseling allows you to work through
personal difficulties with a skilled professional,
to learn effective ways to reach your personal goals.
Workshops Sharing strategies that manage unhealthy habits
& addictions, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma,
relationship deficits and low self-esteem.
Good Things
Emotional Healing Journal
A valuable resource that offers effective strategies
and insights to manage unwanted habits and compulsive behaviors,
so that you can choose healthier ways to cope with life.
"Elisabeth has crafted a comprehensive and eloquent primer on addictions.
"Good Things" addresses the total cycle of addictions from the origins of
onset to recovery.

She also reveals and explains the subtle distinctions of dysfunctional
behavior that leads to addictions. Not only is this book informative,
it is hands on with helpful effective strategies and coping skills.
A notable resourse for both the professional and lay person."
Good Things
Emotional Healing Cards
Reading these affirmations each day strengthens your emotional capacity to
problem solve life's challenges in a healhty way.
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Written Elisabeth Davies, M.C.