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Meet Elisabeth Davies, MC

Elisabeth is a mental health counselor with over 25 years of experience helping clients overcome addictions, depression, trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship, and parenting issues. She works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

In addition to her counseling work, Elisabeth is also a creator and author. She developed the Good Things Emotional Healing Cards©, a set of affirmation cards that promote healthy thoughts and beliefs. These cards have positively impacted thousands of people worldwide.

Elisabeth is also the author of two workbooks: Good Things Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction and Good Things Emotional Healing Journal: Couples. The addiction workbook offers strategies, thought-provoking questions, and progress inventories to help readers choose healthier ways to cope with life. The couples workbook helps partners build healthy communication, trust, respect, love, intimacy, and commitment at any stage of their relationship.

Elisabeth is passionate about empowering people to manage their thoughts and behaviors. She facilitates workshops and local seminars on mental health topics and has been a guest on several radio shows and TV programs, sharing effective strategies for emotionally healthy living.

Booking with Elisabeth Davies, MC

If you’re looking for support and guidance in managing your emotional and mental health challenges, Elisabeth is here to help. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and has been offering counseling services since 1989. Since 1993, she has been in private practice, helping thousands of clients achieve their personal goals.

Elisabeth offers support and guidance for individuals dealing with a range of emotional and mental health challenges. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Strategies for managing unhealthy habits and compulsive behaviors (addictions)
  • Decreasing worry and anxiety
  • Correcting negative thinking and depression
  • Overcoming emotional abuse and trauma
  • Soothing grief and loss
  • Resolving relationship conflicts
  • Positive parenting techniques
  • Increasing spiritual awareness and connection to truth
  • Increasing intimacy in personal relationships

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    Counseling Sessions are Available in the Following Methods:


    In-person counseling: Elisabeth offers in-person counseling sessions at her office in Round Rock, TX. These sessions provide a comfortable and safe space for clients to discuss their concerns and work towards their goals.

    Phone counseling: For clients who prefer to receive counseling from the comfort of their own home or office, Elisabeth offers phone counseling sessions. These sessions are convenient and flexible, allowing clients to receive counseling regardless of their location.

    Video counseling: Elisabeth also offers video counseling sessions via Skype or Zoom. These sessions are similar to in-person sessions, providing the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.

    Home visits: For clients in the Austin, TX area, Elisabeth offers home visits upon request. Additional travel fees may apply.


    Elisabeth Davies is dedicated to providing high-quality counseling services to help her clients live happier, healthier lives.

    Elisabeth Davies, MC has Facilitated Over 150 Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops!


    Here is what people are saying about Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops

    “I have been to 12 Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops. The Sobriety Affirmations, Delay Tactics, and  Meditations have helped with my recovery. This workshop gives me real skills for life!”  – CW

    “I have been to many different therapy groups, but Elisabeth’s Emotional Healing Workshop helped me understand the underlying reasons why I was making the same unhealthy choices. It helped me so much!” TC

    Emotional Healing Journaling Workshops last approximately 90 minutes and include:

    • A ‘Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal-Addiction‘ workbook
    • Practical skills and treatments to live an emotionally healthy life
    • A journaling worksheet that helps you gain insight and invokes problem-solving thinking
    • A ‘Good Things Emotional Healing Card’ which reinforces healthy thoughts and beliefs

    If you would like to have a ‘Good Things Emotional Healing Journaling Workshop’ offered at your facility or treatment center, please contact Elisabeth Davies, MC (512) 522-6790