Take this quiz to find out if you have an addiction.

Directions: Mark the box that most applies. 0=never l 1=hardly ever | 2=sometimes | 3=often | 4=usually

  • Do you have impulsive thoughts and behaviors? "All or nothing" thinking? Lack of moderation?
  • Do you rationalize or minimize how often you participate with your habit? Are you dishonest with others or defensive if confronted?
  • Are you self-critical. Do you allow others to devalue you? Do you have feelings of guilt or shame? Make choices that are not in your best interest?
  • Do you deflect ownership or responsibility for the way your life is? Do you make excuses or justify your behavior?
  • Do your wants and needs come first? Are you inconsiderate of how your words and actions effect others? Are you undependable?
  • Are you irritable, isolative or reclusive? Would others say you are unpredictable or have immature responses?
  • Have you had negative outcomes from your habit? Loss of job, relationship, money etc. Lack of spiritual connection or inner peace?