Good Things Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction


Physical and emotional stress can make millions of people vulnerable to overeating, or using unhealthy substances or habits as an attempt to cope. “Good Things Emotional Healing Journal-Addiction” is a valuable resource that offers effective strategies and insights to manage unwanted habits and compulsive behaviors, so that you can choose healthier ways to cope with life.

Each chapter of this journaling workbook gives you practical skills along with prompted questions and lined pages for you to write and reflect on your journey as you move through recovery. Included are several quizzes to help you identify your addictive symptoms and track your progress resulting in longer periods of recovery and fewer relapses.

Do you have an addiction? Take the quiz to find out.

Meet Elisabeth Davies, MC


Elisabeth is an author and counselor. She has personally recovered from compulsive overeating and several other addictions and is passionate about sharing these effective strategies so you can also overcome. Because everyone deserves to live a life fully and freely! 

She founded Bright Alternatives Counseling in 1993 and has counseled thousands of clients struggling with addictions, depression, trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship and parenting issues. She counsels children, adolescents and adults.

Elisabeth is the creator of Good Things Emotional Healing Cards© These affirmation cards reinforce healthy thoughts and beliefs, and have blessed thousands of people all over the world.

She is the author of Good Things Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction. This workbook offers strategies, thought provoking questions and progress inventories that empower the reader to choose healthier ways to cope with life. This book is available worldwide.

Elisabeth has written mental health articles for Together AZ Paper, Arizona Health & Living Magazine and  In Recovery Magazine.

Elisabeth has facilitated over 150 workshops that empower people to become skilled at managing their thoughts and behaviors. She facilitates local seminars on mental health topics. She has been on several radio shows, and TV sharing effective strategies for emotionally healthy living.


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